Day 145 - Your favourite strange song (with unusual sounds/instruments)
The entire song is weird, but I really like it.
Still Doll, by Kanon Wakeshima.

You ask me “What’s the the greatest act of faith?” To me is to look in the mirror of God’s word, and see all my faults, all my sin, all my shortcomings and to believe that God loves me exactly as he says he does.

Paul Washer (via worshipgifs)

Anonymous asked:

How does one lose weight? I need some advice. I can't go out to our field here because I am always busy with school stuff. Can you please give me some advice on how I can become thinner and healthier? Thank you. BTW, I really <3 your blog. :D

Oh. You really… what? I’ll be waiting for your next question. ;)
So, how am I losing weight? Well, that’s kind of different for everyone, right? But one very important thing is to increase your digestive metabolism. Basically, eating lots of fibrous vegetables will help you absorb more nutrients, yet use lots of energy trying to digest them. And eat healthy things, of course. I’m not very into fat, so pork and greasy stuff is usually out of my menu. Chocolate is an important topic. I loooove chocolate, and eating lots of it every day may ruin your diet, but one piece a day will do you no harm. Actually, as it is basically carbs, it’ll give you some energy boost. My nutritionist used to say that cabs are the flames your body uses to burn fat. You need some initial energy to burn fat. That’s a fact. Simply stop eating will consume everything you have, including proteins. Muscles are made of proteins. Hormones are made of proteins. Don’t think about dismissing them.
And speaking of which, some small amount of fat is also necessary. Don’t even think about removing it completely from your menu. Some hormones are also made of fat and you need them.
I hope this helps. I’ll be here if you have any more questions.
Lots of love. ♡

Just some personal stuff for the record

Okay, so in one day my life went from The Sound of Music to American Pie.
Last Friday the lights went out in the campus and we stayed at the Physics Academic Directory playing Risk (yeah, you can call us nerds) using our cell phones as torches. Right, this hot guy annihilated me quite quickly (as it was his objective) and I was out. After a while, we all decided to go to a bar. Well, I was pretty adamant I would not drink. Later, guys went back to the campus to smoke pot. I passed, anyways. But that fucking hot guy from Physics had sex written all over his face, although he didn’t say a word. When guys were done, we were back in the bar. Drinking this time, I decided to play I Never with them. Things went off every limit and I got two sex proposals, one from the cute Asian girl and another, not so obvious, from the sexy Physics guy. I feel guilty for this part, but then, well, I made mum worried lying to her saying I’d sleep at a (girl) friend’s because I lost the last bus and battery was dying. Well, the bus part was true and the Asian practically lives there, as it’s her boyfriend’s apartment as well.
So, long story short, things didn’t last long with the cute Asian, and I’m honestly relieved, but I couldn’t sleep till very late with the smoking hot guy, who even spooned me in the end, and could hardly walk in the morning. My siblings grabbed me at uni after I called my family (yes, mum cried) and I was tightly hugged when I got home. Now mum says she’ll always let me stay at anyone’s as soon as she’s pretty sure where I am and who I’m with just in case she needs to get me.
Well, I can say things are going crazy these days.